About our company


PANATEST, LLC is the official representative of the leading modern nondestructive testing equipment  companies.

Our experts will help you to select the best staffed and necessary equipment, organize the demonstration, conduct training in Moscow, at your business or manufacturing company.

PANATEST, LLC also gives you a quality guarantee and after-care. Employees of the company, the specialists of III level for different types of non-destructive testing, will conduct a survey of objects in your business, using equipment provided by our company. Following computer processing results will allow you to obtain the most accurate information about the quality of products and the state of technological equipment.

PANATEST, LLC compiles specialized diagnostic laboratories with all the necessary instruments for customer solutions of wide variety of tasks.

PANATEST, LLC offers you free demonstration of the equipment you are interested in on the territory of yours. 


  • Acoustic emission
  • Vibration
  • Eddy current control
  • The measurement of environmental parameters
  • The measurement parameters of materials and products
  • The infrared / thermal control
  • Control liquid penetrantami
  • Controlling the integrity of concrete objects
  • Magnitoporoshkovy control
  • Flow
  • Ultrasonic monitoring
  • The digital measuring instrument
  • Electromagnetic control



Our address:

9Ас9, 2nd Sinichkina Street, Moscow, Russian Federation.


ООО «ПАНАТЕСТ», www.panatest.ru, г. Москва, ул. Авиамоторная 12, офис 405; тел./факс +7 (495) 789-37-48, +7 (495) 587-82-98
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